Picked up new Timberline - Driver Aid Comments


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May 7, 2022
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Picked up my 2022 Timberline and had a 10 hour drive home to test some of the driver aids.

Non Cruise Control Lane Assistance:
This option warns or nudges you back in the lane. It will not steer and stay between the lanes but only warn or nudge.
I found out having it on vibrate (warn) was the best option. The nudge option did not feel right especially on multi lane curvy beltway type roads.
Seems when a truck cast a shadow on the line it confused the AI once. The vibrate is nice and handy and are basically AI rumble strips. Did not like the nudge.

Cruise Control:
This is awesome! Coming from a normal system to this is so nice.
Speed limit is 75. I set it to 80.
When I come on traffic it stays behind at my predefined distance at the same speed as that car, when the car switches lanes it resumes to set speed.
When the camera picks up a NEW speed limit it will re-adjust the speed setting +- your threshold. Really nice to avoid cruise controlling at a high speed into the new posted MPH.
Lane Centering Cruse Control: This is nice sometimes as it steers for you. Works best in the right lane IMO as it seems to favor the right more and when in the left lane I like to favor the left to give the car more room on the right. All and all its nice and I found myself using it a few times. Also depends on the road. I hit a windy section of highway and having it on really helped keeping from fighting the wind with the wheel.

All in all so far very impressed with this tech. All the stuff in the new 15" was designed for the Mustang E and Lightning to compete with the Tesla.
So nice the Gen 4 Expy was the first to get this for gasoline engines.

Also overall impressed with the vehicle and Ford. They thought of everything. I really like that the Driver Displays shows pretty much everything. What lights you have on what mode you are in. And 99% of the physical buttons are momentary so the computer can control everything to preferences, etc.
Did not miss the physical climate buttons one bit. Thought I would but its so easy to press on the screen.


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Sep 23, 2020
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Congrats. Nice, that adjustable speed limit+/-set threshold does sound handy.
I like to use the Lane Keeping Assist on our 2018 Platinum both with and without radar cruise control activated. But I felt like it would've been better with Lane Centering. However We recently recieved a new explorer timberline loaner car equipped with the Lane Centering (no Lane Keeping assist) and found that it's only functional with cruise control on, which I thought was a bummer. So that's definitely a nice touch that Ford fitted both Lane Keeping AND Lane Centering systems on the new expedition.
also nice choice with the timberline, if it's anything like the loaner explorer we have, it's a sweet ride. Great balance between tech options and rugged practicality. They nearly sold me on it.