Possible CV joint issue or transfer case?

Discussion in 'Transmission & Drive train' started by Rifting1980, Jul 7, 2018.

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    Jul 7, 2018
    Hello everyone I am in need of some guidance...my truck seems to drive half okay while going straight, however, when I start to turn, the truck resists heavily and goes clunk clunk clunk. Almost to the point that the back wheels will chirp because something is resisting so heavily.

    I am no mechanic, but I had a buddy look at it and he said wheel bearing. So, we changed the whole wheel bearing hub assembly (AND rotor as a byproduct of screwing up the repair). Then, I still have the same problem!

    My issue started when I was at a stop sign while raining out. It was slightly uphill, and I gassed it to go. The wheels spun a little from loss of traction, so i imagine the truck tries to compensate and does something, but I immediately let off of the gas, and then proceeded slower up the hill. Immediately after this event is when the truck started having issues.

    So, if anyone has any ideas as to what it may be I would greatly appreciate it if you share with me! The same buddy who fixed the bearing tugged and spun on the upper and back axels? and said that they were tight with no play, so he doesnt think it is the driveshaft, but possibly the cv joint or something in the transfer case. I may not be explaining all of this correctly, but if anyone has any ideas please shoot away.

    edit: I have a 1999 ford expedition 5.4l v8 eddie bauer edition if that helps, and also the issue is in forward and reverse
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    I'm trying to figure out from your post, is the noise, and binding coming from the front or the rear. From what I'm reading its from the front transfer case area? Be more specific. If so the transfer case could be locking up on dry pavement, due to the sensor activating. Try pulling the fuse #104 for four wheel drive, see what happens. You may have to rack it, run vehicle to determine where.

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    I think the first thing to replace is Yer Buddy!!

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