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Rear Springs with Bilstein 5100's??

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by John McKenzie, Jul 31, 2020 at 5:41 PM.

  1. John McKenzie

    John McKenzie New Member

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    Aug 19, 2019
    San Antonio, TX
    Hi Guys,

    Where to start? About a year ago I put on a 3/2 ready lift on my 2015 4WD King Ranch Expy but left the shocks/coil overs/UCA's etc. all stock, with the exception of the driver rear. I had a shock blow up on me not long after this install and had a friend help me install a Monroe Quick Strut just to get me by. I bought a second quick strut to have a matching set but never installed it. The stance was perfect and I got a lot of compliments after adding 17" wheels and 285/70/17 tires. However, I was having an issue with the UCA's making a clunking noise when going over small drop off's. Buddies told me I needed new UCA's, and the ones I kept going back to were the ICON's, but they are $$. I also had an issue putting $800 UCA's on a truck with stock shocks. I finally pulled the trigger on the UCA's but decided to upgrade shocks as well and went with four Bilstein 5100's.

    The shop I took it to for install didn't know what they were doing and the rear was sitting a good 3" higher than the front even with the Bilsteins set at 0" (we originally left the ready lift spacers on). So I had them remove the spacers, and asked them to set the front Bilsteins at max (1") and the rears at 0". Well, I still have a TON of rake, so much so I can't even use my low beams at night. In part of the whole process, the shop mounted the shocks to the quick strut springs instead of my original springs. After over $2k in labor and the truck still not right I cut my losses and picked it up. The rear ride is so stiff its unbearable and I'm assuming it's from the springs. The front rides great at 1" and with the new UCA's, even though at 1" in hindsight I guess I didn't really need the UCA's. So here is my main question. Why am I still SO HIGH in the back with the Bilsteins set at 0", and why did the ride get so harsh? Is there that much difference in a Quick Strut spring and a factory spring? I was going to have a new shop install my factory springs in the rear, but the original shop discarded them! So now I'm looking for spring answers and also trying to find factory springs or the equivalent, especially if someone can confirm for me that the factory springs are shorter and less stiff than a quick strut spring. Also does anyone have a set of factory springs for sale?


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