S&B intake, TurboSmart BOV, JLT Catch Can installed today!

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Aug 12, 2023
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Completed the S&B intake, catch can, and TurboSmart blow off today in a 2023 timberline.
The wife loves the blow off!!!

The intake didn’t add much turbo sound but all together I was very disappointed by the flt and finish of the intake and the instructions on the blow off.

I feel like S&B has slipped a lot in QC on their stuff. I’ve bought many of their products and they are normally spot on. This time the finish of the piping and the air box was very spotty, texture where there shouldn’t be and most of the infection mold seems were haphazardly cut or attempted to be sanded down. The filter had some water like fluid inside it and LOTs of debris, enough that the turbos wouldn’t like it on first start. The directions were decent but left out how much of a struggle it is to get the piping into the box. I had to pull the box back out and really get after it with WD-40 even to get it in place. They claim it can be done in the engine bay but I’m not to sure on that one. I hope this one intake was just an outlier as I bought an intake for my Ranger also, so we will see if it’s a new trend or not.
The TurboSmart directions were a joke sorry to say it but it’s like 3 steps and if you don’t know your way around a wrench good luck! I’m glad I’ve been doing this a while because there is no way a newbie would have done much with what they provide. The mounting bracket doesn’t line up perfect but adding a 7 degree bend on the intercooler mount side fixed that. I will say I’m jealous of the GFB mount for the intake hose. I was able to secure it with a zip tie using the second mount that came with the kit but that also took some more moding of the brackets. Be carful in the exhaust ports edges they are sharp from the machining and got me pretty good when I was twisting it into place. That’s my own fault for not wearing gloves.
Lastly, the catch can was flawless. Just like so many others on here have said. Not a single problem, detailed instructions, and super easy install. Also if you don’t have or run and engine cover the hoses fit snugly into the mounts for it so it’s like it was oem.

Rant over. Hope this helps someone or it gets back to the companies and they can make adjustments accordingly.