Transfer Case Shift Motor Help


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Nov 14, 2017
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2012 Expedition EL Limited 4X4

Would a faulty transfer case shift motor, shift in 4A, 4H, and 4L, but not shift into 2WD?

When I shift into 2WD, the IWE's disconnect the axles as they should, each wheel turns freely, all that is working fine, no vacuum leaks, no bad check valves, no bad solenoid, everything seems perfect as far as common issues go.

When I shift into 4A, 4H and 4L, that all seems to work fine as well, the IWE's engage as they should, etc..

However, when i shift into 2WD, the front drive shaft, front differential, and half axles are still engaged and spinning.

It's not a "fluid" type rotational engagement, it matches the RPM of the rear drive shaft.

It's as if I'm running in 4A, 4H, or 4L with the IWE's disengaged letting the front wheels turn free.

My understanding, in 2WD mode, the front drive shaft, along with the half-axles and differential should not be engaged.

According to what I've read, in 2WD everything forward should be disengaged, to reduce wear and increase mpg slightly.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Is there a straight forward way to test the transfer case shift motor?

If I remove the transfer case motor, leave the electrical connected, should I see it turn when I shift through the gears? 1972e7fceffb69c9d6957fd8819af70a.jpgf035287e3d129614fec7008c3e9634b7.jpge8100237fc9dd83405d02ba30a7ee413.jpg


Nov 21, 2016
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Nashville, TN
Was there a resolution to this issue? I'm experiencing something similar (everything tests/works perfect in the whole 4wd system except 2wd - except in my case it is more 'fluid' and not rpm matched, and I have no rotation until about 10mph if I'm really taking it easy on the throttle and 5mph if I accelerate like normal).