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transmission oil change???

Discussion in 'Transmission & Drive train' started by omantank, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. omantank

    omantank Active Member

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    Sep 25, 2013
    In my truck
    hey, i went to change my motor oil today and saked the guy to check the tranny oil, transfer case and diff oils too and he couldnt find the tranny oil dipstick or plug to empty it... i made him change the transfer case oil and notice the truck shitfs way smoother now so im wondering.. would the tranny and transfer case use same oil?? its wierd
  2. bedrck46

    bedrck46 Guest

    Not to sound like a smart ass The following information was copied from the owners manual.

    Checking automatic transmission fluid
    The automatic transmission does not have a transmission fluid dipstick.
    Refer to your scheduled maintenance information for scheduled
    intervals for fluid checks and changes. Your transmission does not
    consume fluid. However, the fluid level should be checked if the
    transmission is not working properly, (i.e., if the transmission slips or
    shifts slowly) or if you notice some sign of fluid leakage.
    Transmission fluid should be checked by an authorized dealer. If
    required, fluid should be added by an authorized dealer.
    Do not use supplemental transmission fluid additives, treatments or
    cleaning agents. The use of these materials may affect transmission
    operation and result in damage to internal transmission components.
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  3. GJarrett

    GJarrett Full Access Members

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    Oct 26, 2013
    I'm having trouble understanding your post because you started with a statement about not finding the tranny dipstick and ending with asking about the fluid. Regarding both items,

    1) there IS a tranny dipstick and you can DIY if you are handy with tools, thus saving the $200+ Ford is trying to force you to spend at your local dealership service dept. A how-to thread can be found here:

    How to check transmission fluid in Ford 6R75 and 6R80 2007+ Expedition and 2009+ F150 6-speed automatic

    2) The fluid is different from the transfer case. Your transfer case uses Motorcraft XL-12 transfer case fluid and your tranny uses Mercon SP ATF fluid.
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  4. 1997SCEBFEX

    1997SCEBFEX Full Access Members

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    Nov 5, 2011
    Northwest Panhandle
    I was gonna say, my old '97 has a trans dip stick.

    ++ on saving a few $ too.

  5. bedrck46

    bedrck46 Guest

    Thanks for your post. I am sure it will help others. I understand that there is something available so that you can add a dipstick but the cost is high. Just another thing where the Mfg is trying to get people to bring the vehicle in for service and charge them a arm and a leg. My post was to let him know that the information was in his owners manual. But I would have thought that the person that he took it to would have been better informed about the dipsticks not being in newer models
  6. gfolsom

    gfolsom New Member

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    Feb 17, 2012
    I just wanted to confirm the '09 Expedition (6R80 tranny) DOES have that same dipstick and cap as shown in the link above.
    Thank you for posting that link.
  7. RevHeat

    RevHeat Active Member

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    May 2, 2010
    San Antonio
    This is a great thread. Ad bedrck46 supplied "treatments or
    cleaning agents. The use of these materials may affect transmission
    operation and result in damage to internal transmission components".

    On my 2000, I have always had performed a BG transmission flush ever 75,000 miles I have never had problems with the tranny to date and it has 295,000 miles. I just purchased a 2010 and my how things have changed. So with the 2010, is a traditional transmission change the way to go and avoid at all cost flushing the system?



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