Vibration at 70-80MPH

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Aug 26, 2012
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Memphis, TN
On our annual Thanksgiving road trip to FLL (~2k miles road trip). Getting a vibration at 70 mph and is most pronounced 75-80 mph. Vibration subsides when under load (acceleration, climbing) and when turning, gets worse when decelerating with cruise control (engine slowing) and when going straight. Over 80 it subsides but in general feels a bit rougher. Tires are riding smoothly at all speeds. Minimal vibration through steering wheel, no rocking or shuddering of the wheel.

Vibration feels like it's coming from the rear. Haven't replaced any parts in the rear suspension yet. Just rotated the tires and the vibration hasn't changed. Bilstein shocks have about 150k miles on them. Trying to figure this out so I can resolve it over the winter after I get home.