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    Jul 30, 2018
    Just thought I'd post a commentary on these

    • Load / Speed / Ply:117/ T / XL
    • Tire Size and Season:275/55R20 [​IMG]


    Just fitted a set to the Expedition, non studded, I was originally going to fit Michelin Lattitude X-ice2s but the nearest ones were in Calgary and delivery would be later next week.

    So far I'm liking these, they stay pliable at at least -23C (coldest morning we have had so far), once the pips and release agent wore off great grip on dry ice, glare ice and powder snow over ice. Less so on wet ice but what tire does.

    Slightly more noise than factory all season but remarkably quiet for a winter tire, good highway straight line stability, no wandering and no visible impact to mileage.

    Round town they seem to grip well cornering at junctions and stopping. If I didn't know I wouldn't be able to tell these apart from Blizzaks.

    No idea how they will fare in deep snow or slush, we don't get much of that in the prairies.

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