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    6 reason I may trade for a GM SUV

    This. My absolute biggest complaint about the new gen of the YukoBurbaHoes. The suspension is aggressively low out back...and it shows up in the ground clearance numbers (8" for the GMs in base trim vs 9.8" for the Expis). 8" is...bad. That's the same as the Equinox. Which is, unashamedly, a...
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    Aftermarket? What aftermarket.

    I'm sorry you've had that experience so far. I was also an EcoBoost doubter (always eschewed them for the 5.0's in my F150s), but wanted the Expi so I had no choice but to make the switch. I will never go back...the EcoBoost MOVES this thing. It's a lot quicker than my F150 ever was, and it also...
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    Interior noise from exhaust

    Easy, guy, unless you have a letter on Ford letterhead signed by Jim Farley confirming the noise, you're going to get yelled at for "spreading false information". Hahaha, I kid. In all seriousness, you are correct that the noise can be disabled in forscan on the Expis.
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    Interior noise from exhaust

    I have always heard my engine noise more from the rear than anywhere else (especially the turbo). I know that makes absolutely no sense, but I have always chalked it up to good sound deadening (the platinum has more than the other trims) and the fake engine noise pumped through the cabin.
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    Car Seats in the 3rd Row

    You might check out this thread as it might have some ideas for you:
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    Interior noise from exhaust

    Good grief...who went teetee in your cheerios? Calm down, we're all friends here. Amplified engine sounds are not something manufacturers like to crow about; "our engine sounds like crap so we had to whip up some sorcery to make it sound better". But, as many including yourself have noted...
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    This means I have to sell it now, right?

    EBay letters arrived yesterday and they work great!! I think they may be EVER so slightly smaller than the OEM letters, but you'd have to get a level to tell; it looks perfect on the vehicle. Ford wanted $106 for a single "PLATINUM" badge set. I paid $14 for a pair. And now I have lots of...
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    Seat Cushion 2020 at 30,000 miles ....

    You might check out this thread: I'm very happy with my seats at 50k miles.
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    Power lift gate with kick assist on 2021 XLT

    There is an option to disable the power liftgate (I think it is in the gauge cluster, not a button) but it disables the entire power liftgate, not just the kick sensor. There are not many things on this vehicle that divide us forum users more than the kick sensor (with the exception of whether...
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    Wireless CarPlay?

    CarPlay2 Air is running a "back to school" sale. $99.
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    Extreme Vibration - Rear Windows Down

    We've hashed this out before:
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    Ford field service action number 21B10

    Yup…here my post from another thread saying basically the same thing. I wish more folks understood this as I think it would reduce the number of disappointed people leaving the dealer with, what they they think is, a fix. Post in thread 'Phaser Recall'...
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    22" Tire Replacement

    You might read through some of the myriad threads on here about what folks are's a few:
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    This means I have to sell it now, right?

    Good lord what happened to that poor truck from Missouri?! Thanks for that parts link…my eBay letters will be here next Tuesday and if they don’t fit at least I can save $35.
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    This means I have to sell it now, right?

    Welp, the dealer wont cover it but they will gladly order me a full badge (as @5280tunage suggested) for $106. (EDIT: found a pair of the full set, one for each door, on EBay for $14…I’ll give those a whirl first.) And sadly, I checked and because this is the wide badge on the driver's door...