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    Looking for a switched power source that's not hot during remote start

    The radio doesn’t turn on when I remote start mine, could you jump off of that?
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    2000 Eddie Bauer - Rear sway bar suggestions please

    It has definitely stiffened it up when turning. I have yet to give it a true test with the boat or fully loaded horse trailer. Everyone in the 4th gen forum raves about it (same part number for 3rd & 4th gen).
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    2000 Eddie Bauer - Rear sway bar suggestions please

    I put Hellwig on my 2017, but apparently they don’t start making them until 2007 MY and up. Not sure of others, sorry.
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    Catch Can!

    Man oh man, was the Ford tech that replaced my engine pissed about me putting my can back on. Said there’s nothing wrong with ford’s design, too many people reading stupid forums, blah blah blah. Said I’m going to burn up my new engine running that and I should bring it back to stock. Didn’t...
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    63000 “certified” 3.5L eco boost replacement

    Just finally got my truck back. To say there were complications would be an understatement. As said above, I was going on pay over the top to put a brand new engine in, rather than the 63000 certified one. For a few weeks, I was told it was backordered. Then I get word the engine is just...
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    Photos of Trailer(s) that you tow with your Expedition

    Fine vessel there, Hawk.
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    Blown turbo. How much metal shavings is too much?

    @Muddy Bean This mayhem aside, how’s the tune been treating you?
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    Backup Camera not Working

    Try checking this:
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    Engine coolant temperature display?

    I would love to know this answer.
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    63000 “certified” 3.5L eco boost replacement

    Correct, the 3 year, unlimited miles warrant will be on the Ford engine only. The rest of the vehicle’s warranty, through Carvana, will expire January 2022, or 100,000 miles (only about 2,000 miles from that), whichever comes first.
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    63000 “certified” 3.5L eco boost replacement

    Longer than three years would be nice, but I still felt it was the best option I had. Not sure I would come out anywhere but far behind if I put the junker engine in and unload the truck for another, semi-unknown vehicle, especially since I just put new bilsteins, and ridge grapplers on my...