Dometic console refrigerator install notes

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Aug 28, 2023
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I installed the Dometic CCF-T Center Console Refrigerator in my 2019 Expedition Platinum. I found these two reviews helpful:
Dometic CCF-T Center Console Fridge Review
Dometic CCF-T Ford F-150 Console Fridge Install and Review
in addition to the Dometic printed manual and installation video. I approached drilling the hole for the exhaust fan with some apprehension. There is "stuff" behind the wall that you do not want to mess up. My technique:
a) cut down the 1/4" bit in the hole saw so that it only protrudes (1/4" - 1/2") beyond the saw teeth
b) I used a battery powered drill that fit in the console. Slower/lighter than my corded drills to avoid being aggressive.
b) cut the plastic slowly by "blipping" the drill in bursts, rather than continuously.
c) there are ribs on the backside of the wall (mid-height left and right). I used a small rotary cutter (Dremel) with the 1/2" sanding drum to trim those back and slightly enlarge the hole for the fan to easily snap into place.
d) before I put the exhaust fan in, I vacuumed the console. My shop vac has an adapter/extension with 1/2" clear tubing that enabled me to get all the crumbs that fell into the forward compartment (and the corners of the console).

The Dometic printed instructions provide dimensions for laying out the exhaust fan hole. The kit provides a template. The two do not match. I added tape to the template to match the printed instructions and found that the printed instructions want the fan slightly higher and more inboard than the template. I chose to use the template height, based on the "notch" resting on the little shelf in the console and the inboard printed instruction dimension. With the hole drilled, I don't think the choice is critical.

I am including a couple pictures of what I found behind the console wall to give you confidence in your install. Just don't punch through the wall hard and you should be fine.

When the truck is "on", the refrigerator runs. When the truck is "off", the refrigerator is also off. I have been leaving a few drinks in the the refrigerator and find only a short drive is needed for them to get cool after the truck has been sitting a few days. I recently went on a road trip, after a couple hours the drinks are nicely cold.


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