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Blend Door Actuator

This is a discussion on Blend Door Actuator within the 3rd Gen - 2007 - present forums, part of the Ford Expedition Forum category!
I have a 2010 Expedition and need to replace the Blend Door Actuator. Any suggestions on how to access?...

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Default Blend Door Actuator

I have a 2010 Expedition and need to replace the Blend Door Actuator. Any suggestions on how to access?
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I have a 2009 Expedition that I have to do the same job on, what did you find out if anything?
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did you ever have any luck replacing the blend door? Mine broke this morning and trying to determine if this is something that I can fix or if I need to take it to the dealer.
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the dealer fixed my dads, said the entire dash had to come out, some 700 bucks later it worked for a month.

IMO ride with it or chiltons manual and make it a weekend project.
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Its not that bad to do, just time consuming...and yes...you have to take a lot of the dash out
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Default 2010 Ford Expedition XLT Temperature Blend Door Actuator

I'm sure this is no hep to you, since your post is from February, but the blend door actuator repair was easy.

Pop out radi bezel, radio, and it's right there. rear bolt is tough to get to, had to use an 8mm socket and a pair of needle nosed pliers to turn it, no room for the socket wrench, but once that was done, the motor popped right out, and within 15 minutes, the new one was in, radio and radio bezel back in, and worked perfectly.

I asked for Ford dealer what they would charge to install it, didn’t know it would be this easy before I tore it apart…they wanted $6-700 to do the repair. Are you kidding me?? $6-700 for a repair that took a couple garage monkeys an hour while drinking Land Sharks??? Cmon Ford, you can do better than that!!
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so it can be done just by pulling radio ?

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foster 952 you were correct - followed what you said - pulled radio - used a needle nosed vise grip and socket to undo back bolt - pulled old one drove for parts and replaced - actual work time 45 min - plus looking for part - total 1.5 hrs total cost $44.00
thank you very much saved over $600.00

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That's why I sold my expy, but the part itself is a $39 part but all the work and labor at the dealer is around $800. but it's better to pay someone to do it for you because you have to pull the dash to do it, but to pull the dash you have to disconnect the airbags discharge the ac drain fluids ad once the dash is pulled you have to tare into remove a bunch of stuff to get to the blend door, pretty much a pain in the huge rearend.

with me my commuter car died and my blend door was out and my expedition would not defrost during the winter here in UTAH and i had no money to fix it at the time so I had no choice but to trade it in or I wasn't getting to work so now I own a 2012 Chevy Impala and 3 months ago I bought a 1995 Ford explorer 4x4 Limited.
2012 Chevrolet Impala 2LT.

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Default Blend door on 2010

I just replaced...well fixed mine for now. The local auto place didn't have the part so I took the actuator apart turned the gears 180 degrees, shaved off one of the tooths of the gear that fits into the actuator and it works. It was so easy to get to that I figured any future problems will be easy enough.

First pry the cover off from around the radio.
Click on the link and the picture shows the 6 fasteners that will come out with a little prying especially the closer you pry next to them.

Now use a 7 or 8mm to remove the Nav radio.

The actuator is right behind the radio. I put the key to accessories and put my hand on the actuator to feel it clicking so that I new for sure that's what it was.
This picture shows the front screw (with a little arrow to the back screw) and the wiring attachment to the actuator. The screws are an 8mm if I remember correctly (all you need for this job was a 7mm and an 8mm and some string to tie the wrench to your belt loop...if the wrench falls its VERY hard to find and get back up).

The back screw can be loosened with the box end of the wrench with the use of just finger tips...just remember, tie a little string to it. I used duck decoy line since that was all I had.
This is just another picture of the two screws that hold the actuator in place.

Notice how the gears that go into the blend door can only go in one way.

At this point you can get a new one and reverse the order to get it in place or if you want to fix it for now and not wait on the new part like I did continue reading...
Once the actuator is out you should be able to see all the little snap pieces around the sides and how to get this thing apart. Inside is a little motor, a bunch of gears and a printed circuit board. The biggest gear was the one with the busted tooth.
The arrow shows the broken tooth and the circle is the side that I put back in. So basically I turned the gear 180 degrees. Close it back up and turn it upside down. You'll also have to shave off one of the teeth from the fitting that actually goes into the blend door since there is originally a gap so it can fit into place only one way.
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