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Sep 28, 2016
Aug 6, 2011
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EF Chaplain, from Michigan

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Sep 28, 2016
    1. sgtowing
      Just getting the old house ready to move back in to. Work has been very busy. It's summer time in Fl. How do you think ICE is going to sell. haha. I'm still trying to get my a/c fixed.
    2. Plavin1991
      Ive seen some of those amazingly high numbers u get in mpg... and I would like to ask u what mods do u have on ur expy also I read about the edge programmers and noticed u are the man to talk to when it comes to them...
    3. BakerEdition
      thank you sir!
    4. GAIN-MOB
      hey i forward your request to shaggy and he's working it...that may be why its gone
    5. ShotgunSamurai8
      Hi! I had your the guy to come to about all manners of electronics. So my question to you is this. I want to put 4 130W kc daylighters on my brush guard and 5 on my roof rack. I also want to be able to have them all on if necessary without melting wires and starting fires. So my question is this...how much power will these lights draw? And how big of an alternator do I need in order to do this right? I plan on getti g the whole kit that comes with wires and stuff lol lets put it this way if light bulbs weren't screw in, my whole house would be dark. So how do I do it?
    6. BakerEdition
      Cool Deal....glad he took care of you...they are good folks over there....my girlfriends son is get deployed next month...let me know if you have any programming questions..
    7. Sir.Gregory
      Howdy Steve, just thought I'd let you know I called and ordered my EvoHT from Mark today, I let him know you sent me, he was glad to hear it. I actually ended up buying one for myself and one for my best friend. He drives an 02 F150 King Ranch, its an early birthday present/ thank you gift for him since he's taken care of my Expedition and my family while I've been gone on Deployment. I'll be home in a few weeks and I'll let you know how the programmer works out for me. Have a great day!
    8. Sir.Gregory
      Excellent, thanks again!
    9. Sir.Gregory
      Howdy Steve, so I am finally ready to get the Edge Programmer as I'll be getting home from deployment next month, but I can't remember the name of the guy to talk to, which is funny because I talked to him back in March i think it was. Could you tell me his name and extention again? Thanks!
    10. Big Red Monster
      Big Red Monster
      i have an edge programmer on fuel economy mode actually i live in chicago, lots of traffic lights intersections and traffic, i think 11.5 is the best Im going to get out of this truck where I live.
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    Police Chaplain Steve Baker (aka-Chappy)
    Member FOP Lodge 200 Rochester, MI.
    Member Tennessee Sheriff Association

    "It's never just a trip when you drive a EXPEDITION":driver:
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