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    ADV Track and bad alternator?

    Check your vacuum hoses, etc for leaks/cracks.
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    Which transmission?

    Picture of build/vin tag from driver's door post??
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    first gen windshield leak; by Thermo

    Glass shops are going to replace the glass with a new seal replacement. Windshields are usually broken during removal, especially on an old vehicle. Opt for factory glass where possible although it is more expensive. Seals alone can be purchased online if you are doing it yourself.
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    Roller followers

    Look for flat spots on the rollers themselves. Hamfisted was probably unsure of your mechanical understanding, not being a SA. He is VERY helpful & informative. Listen to him in his experience and wisdom.
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    Delayed hard shift into drive

    Check this sticky: 4R100 tranny springs broken
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    Delayed hard shift into drive

    Do you have the 4R100 tranny? Broken springs causing hard shifts in 4R100
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    Program idle RPM

    Were you able to check the vacuum hosing behind the battery? Rockauto Vacuum Assemblies for 2004/5.4
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    Can someone please explain

    Good luck, hope that is not the problem
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    Can someone please explain

    KEY OFF See if you can get the correct size socket & breaker bar to turn the engine over by hand at the crankshaft bolt at the front of the engine. Pulling the plugs will make it easier. Engine may have seized or broke internally depending on how hot it got for too long if you cannot turn it...
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    Apple Car Play

    That or Kenwood . Double din Nav for sure. Large screen looks so much nicer. Will be adding front & rear cameras to mine before long. I have the DDX9705S has been great!! Screen fully fills the old stereo spot. Mine is about 2 years old but you can probably get for less than I paid DDX9705S...
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    3.8 to 8 mpg average.

    I would look for a cracked tank or fill connection. How many gallons to fill it up at 1/2 tank. Mine is about 15 gal.
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    98 Expedition EB 4X4 5.4 engine

    Also check the vacuum lines & elbows for cracks/deterioration. Smoke machine is perfect for easier check.
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    Crazy Electrical issue!

    That is not one of the years with windshield leaking water is it??
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    2004 Blower Fan Not Working

    Could be shorted out, corroded & locked up, etc. Dripping water is not a friend of any electronics, electric motors or metal.
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    AC Help!

    You may have created a problem (loose connection, placement, etc) with the Evaporator Discharge Air Temperature Sensor when you replaced the Evaporator. Shouldn't be that hard to check.

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