oil change

  1. D

    Maintenance for 2018 Max Limited at 180,000 miles

    Hi guys! I just purchased a 2018 Ford Expedition Max Limited at the ripe mileage of 180,000. This was previously a livery vehicle and so almost all of the miles are highway miles. I communicated with the seller and their mechanic for a couple weeks before buying and had the truck inspected by...
  2. S

    Preparing for doing first oil change myself

    I'm planning on changing the oil in the Expy myself for the first time (done it on other vehicles plenty of times before). I'm planning on grabbing some Mobil 1 Advanced and a Motorcraft filter, as well as a Fumoto valve (or similar). I'm just curious if this vehicle has any quarks I should know...
  3. A

    Oil change requires remove skid plate?

    2017 Ltd: Does the skid plate under engine have to be removed or dropped to change oil?
  4. H

    340,000 miles, Change oil to 5W-30?

    2007 EL 2WD with 340,000+ miles. Did some looking around the forum about possibility going from 5W-20 to 5W-30, but wanted to get your opinions for my specific vehicle with the amount of miles the engine has. I have used the 5W-20 ever since I got the vehicle with 90,000 miles. Would take it to...
  5. Davew72

    19 Expy Oil Change & Service

    Ok Ive looked for a good while and sorry to ask, but does anybody have the link for oil changes, best kinds of oil & filter ? And change intervals etc ??? Thanks in advance.
  6. Brubro

    Ecoboost Expy Oil Change

    :banghead: OK, I'm sure this has been covered, but a quick search didn't reveal anything in the first three pages of results: What is up with the oil change procedure for the Ecoboost Expys??? Remove the skidplate, four bolts and two fasteners, to access the drain plug, then battle the lack...