1. O

    ‘13 Limited EL, 2 Zone Climate Controls Blower Motor Issue

    I’m having trouble with my front blower. This has been addressed in some previous posts but it was for different model years and I have already replaced the resistor so I’m trying to see if there are other ideas. Currently my blower is working strong and the system is cooling wonderfully...
  2. Hunter MacDonald

    2007 Expy Blower Motor Resistor (Cant Find the Right Part)

    Hi All, I am going absolutely crazy with my search for a blower motor regulator for my 2007 Expy EL Limited. I have searched and searched but I cannot find the right resistor. The one in my vehicle is the one in the attached picture, however, all of the ones that I can find are a 4 fin resistor...
  3. A

    2016 Manual A/C front blower working intermittently replacement parts

    If your front fan blows intermittently or just stops then is quite probably the resistor and wiring harness. On mine one of the pins was blackened as was the matching hole on the pigtail. Very easy fix since it only involved two 8 mm screws, clipping 4 wires and then splicing in the...
  4. R

    Blower Motor Issues

    A couple of months back the blower motor on my 2016 EL XLT would go to high speed setting and after a little while it would become loud and the air flow would reduce. I have been using the speed setting one notch below the highest setting and have been successful with air. That all stopped this...