2010 Expedition XLT. Challenge after new timing overhaul that's confusing.

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May 25, 2024
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Lytle Creek
Hello, this is my first time on a thread or blog so hope I follow procedure. Here's my challenge. On my Expedition I had the symptoms of bad cam phasers the noise that came with it thing sounded like a diesel actually. 220k when I bought it so I went for it with Ford tech M. in my tool box. So it was pretty done and I replaced vts, phasers, timing chain kit, new hv oil pump, water pump, and all roller followers. Cleaned up all of it etc. Putting it back together I popped a valve stem and ..... Yeah dang it off with the heads. So resurface on both and lapped the valves more cleaning of block, piston tops and worked it back to done a week plus into it double checking as i went. Ok unplugged crank sensor and turned it over 3 10 sec intervals oil gauge read each time to circulate then... Yep it was just sweet. Fired up immediately. No rough idle. No taps or ticking drove like a champ I packed up my tools smiling .. ok so what occured since I need to figure out. After about 15 min running hwy fwy no difference it starts to idle like crapito stalls at stops keeps me tapping the peddle Arrrgh. !! I park back home or go into a 20 min shop somewhere come back out and its running great again.
P0022, P0020, P0012, P0010, both banks catalyst performance as well last test cleared out and P0022 intake camshaft position timing over retarded returned more then once. I might not have gotten all the contaminates from serious cleaning brushing etc blown and vacuumed out. I pulled the pan during job because I knew that's where I'd find the missing chain guide.. Home and going out to drain inspect and replace oil. Maybe a flush first inspect old filter and replace. Annd check wiring and sensor plugs more thoroughly. I'm at a loss otherwise. Thank you thank you for helping out us who need your experience and insight. I'll check back fingers crossed. Don