Removing Captain's Seats in 2007-2014 Expedition/Navigator

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Feb 6, 2022
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Los Angeles, CA
Was trying to remove my second row captain's seats in my 2010 Expedition, and was stumped at the Workshop Manual's step stating that I need to slide the "shipping pin" into an outward position. The diagram and description were both entirely unhelpful. Finally located the pin after 45 minutes of poking and prodding at things, and figured I'd post a video of it. While I was at it, I figured I'd just make a full walk-through of the removal. Hope it helps somebody.

For those who prefer written steps...

1) Fold the seat into E-Z Entry position (that's standing upright, against the front seats).

2) Remove the rear portion of the plastic cover for the base plate. It may take a bit of force, but pull directly upward until the two plastic clips release. I'm actually surprised I didn't break these clips.

3) Remove the two 15mm bolts. If you have heated seats, unclip the plug and remove/break the small white retaining clip holding the wires in place.

4) Drop the seat back down until it latches, but leave seatback folded down.

5) Locate the shipping pin. It is through a small (1cm diameter or so) hole through the plastic cover facing outward on the seat base. This is on the floor-mounted hinging mechanism on the base of seat, not the seatback hinge (maybe I was the only one confused by the factory diagram but it sure looks like a folded seatback to me).

6) Accessing the pin from the front of the seat, use a flat-head screwdriver in the groove in the pin to guide it gently towards the outside of the seat. It only needs to move about a quarter of an inch or so. Once it is in place, it should sit firmly through the hole in the metal plate surrounding it, locking it into place. It will protrude a millimeter or so as viewed through the hole mentioned in step 5. Note: there may be some play in the pin, so you may have to come in with another screwdriver from the other side and gently guide it through the hole in the metal.

7) Test to make sure the seat is now locked. If you did it correctly, you shouldn't be able to lift the seat up any more (into E-Z Entry position). It will release from latches, but lock after a couple inches of upward travel. Then test it again! The Workshop Manual states that damage to the seat can occur if it is not securely locked into place, so try a few times until you're absolutely sure the pin is securely locked into place. The first time I did this, I hadn't fully moved the pin into position, so it was able to slip back out when I lowered and latched the seat again.

8) Remove the plastic baseplate under the front of the seat. Similar to the rear, it just pops right up and off.

9) Remove the two 15mm bolts.

10) Unlatch the seat while lifting upward, and it should pop right off.
Apr 13, 2024
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South Dakota
Why do you have to mess with the shipping pin at all? Can’t you just unbolt everything, disconnect the seat heating wire and call it good?