Rich Exhaust Smell

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Feb 26, 2024
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South Carolina
So far this forum has helped me sort out some of my newly purchased Expedition’s issues but also made me a bit of a hypochondriac too. I did purchase the Ford extended service plan for the next four years, but I like fixing small issues at home or at least being armed with a basic understanding before I head over to a dealership with just “a problem”.

Currently at 76k miles and I’m averaging 16.6 MPG 50/50 highway/city driving with a heavy foot. I’ve just replaced the plugs and coils. My exhaust is smelling rich. No visible smoke at operating temperature, just odor.

Apparently my BMW enet OBD cable won’t play nice with Forscan. Went to an auto parts store and the only codes I had were misfires from the bad ignition coil and the spark plug I over torqued. Those issues all corrected. Still smelly.

Is a rich exhaust an inherent quality of the EcoBoost engine? Any thoughts of other items I should be looking for?