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    General Grabber tires on brand new 22 Expy

    Word is that the General Grabbers that we have on our 22 Expeditions are OEM versions, which are supposedly different than the Aftermarket versions that you from Tire Rack, etc. I have a 22 Platinum, which DID NOT sit in Chip Hell. I had it in my driveway 3 weeks after it was built. My tires...
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    Factory Repair CDs

    I used to order the paper repair manuals, but they are no longer available in hard copy, only electronic via Ford's PTS System, which is a $2,500.00/year subscription, but you have access to all models from the early 2000's to the present OR from Helm Inc. on CD. The only hardcopy publication...
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    Sensors, Mics, Your Mom?

    Microphone (should be 3 of them) for Active Noise Control
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    Deleted features being retrofit

    Yes it does. I have a 22 Platinum, which had the massaging seats, foot operated liftgate, and Active Park assist removed, and the seats ARE the luxury seats without the massage but the power lumbar still works. The only thing that I really miss is the Active Park assist. I'm coming from a...
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    Steering Vibration 2022 Ford Expedition Max SPP

    I have a 2022 Platinum with 22" wheels and General Grabber tires. I just traded in a 2018 Platinum w/22" wheels and Hankook (deadly in the rain) Dynapros. I have vibration in the 2022 about 72 MPH. I honestly believe that it is the Generals. There are posts in forums that say the Generals...
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    2022 15 inch display going black, will not turn on after turning truck on and off a couple of times. Anyone know what I should do?

    There is a SPECIAL SERVICE MESSAGE which the dealer can pull up. Heard that the replacement screens are on backorder!! SSM 50994 2021-2022 Mustang Mach-E/2022 Expedition/F-150 Lightning - Blank/Inoperative Information And Entertainment Screen - DTC B108E:01 Some 2021-2022 Mustang...
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    22 Exterior Zone Lighting

    Only available on a Platinum or Timberland.(and possibly a King Ranch) IF it is equipped with Zone lighting, there will be two buttons to the right of the headlight control. My 2022 Platinum has the two buttons, as well as Zone Lighting on the 15" screen
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    Found an electronic chip under new 22 Expy! What is it? Photos

    Well Delphi is definitely a major supplier to both Ford and General Motors!! The question is whether it is from your truck, and what it does.
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    '21 Platinum "thud" when shifting into 8th gear from 7th

    You should take it in to the dealer. I have a 2018 Platinum, and have had a lot of "weirdness" when it comes to my transmission shifting. I would have them re-flash the programming first, but I suspect it is more than that. There are a number of TSB's on the transmission. I do have Ford...
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    2022 Expedition - Schedule for production ?

    When I use the Ford Tracker, my sticker is not available. Because you can't see it via the Ford tracker, doesn't mean your Expedition is on chip hold. If I use the site, I'm able to see it. Try using this URL and putting your VIN in at the end...
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    2022 Timberline 15” screen blacks out

    I believe there is a Ford notice (a/k/a: SSM) on this. Check with your dealer. I believe the fix is to replace the entire 15" screen
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    FNG with a 2022 Timberline and the 501a Owners manual question.

    I tried to upload what I had, and the site said the files were too large. Try this: And this...
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    FNG with a 2022 Timberline and the 501a Owners manual question. I believe that the hard copy owners manuals are a thing of the past. You used to be able to order directly from Helm Inc. I included the link above. However...
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    Has Anyone Got a Platinum Delivered?

    Apparently, they are the same leather/same seats as those seats having the massaging function.
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    2022 Expedition - Schedule for production ?

    Just as I was losing hope. I was holding out on the removal of features. Then Reluctantly, I accepted the deletion of massaging seats, because I heard that the single supplier of these was no longer in business. Not sure if the source of that information is legit, but Multi-Contour seats...