electrical issues

  1. M

    No start

    2012 Ford Expedition 98,000 miles. 5.4L Wife was driving home the other day when the instrument cluster went haywire. Check engine light, service advancetrac. (Abs and traction control light) no reading for oil life, no reading for mileage, antitheft light flashing. Rpm’s and Spedo went dead...
  2. G

    4.6l killing tps

    Arround this time last year I replaced the tps on my truck, it took and killed 3 sensors until one finally worked, last week it killed another sensor and 2 more have been put on and its killed them both within a few days, the sensors do work when first put on and I confirmed with tps live view...
  3. J

    Electronic issues

    I just recently purchased a 2000 Expedition Eddie Bauer and it's got serious electric issues wipers decide to go on when they want to some windows work some windows don't some windows are stuck open some won't open my driver's seat only works when it wants to has anybody else had this problem...
  4. W

    Battery not good or something else

    All of a sudden my 2000 for exp. started having battery issues. It will lose a couple of volts and be down to around 10.5v. It will barely turn over but just enough for it to start. Then after letting it run for a minute or two it starts just like normal. I have looked at AC voltage while it...
  5. 03NavigatorGuy

    04 Navi No Start-No Crank No PWR to OBD

    I recently purchased a nice ’04 Navi with the above issues, from the owner who said he was tired of chasing issues and not having any success. It is very clean and rust free, and I’d love to see if I can, with some help from y’all here, figure things out, and where to start, as many things have...