1998 5.4 Aluminum intake replacement.

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Oct 13, 2022
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Ford Expedition 1998:

As Your probably aware, the 97 / 98 Expedition 5.4
have an aluminum intake manifold. Not sure on 1999.
However, NO ONE makes a replacement intake manifold for the 1998 5.4 Expedition.

Here is the problem… What do I use for a NEW replacement intake manifold. I.e. like a Dorman for example. Now, on the 1998 Expy 5.4 OEM stock aluminum intake manifold has a curved (5/8”?) coolant
tube that is positioned on the passenger rear.
That curved “L” shaped coolant tube apparently connects to the front heater core hose, that eventually down line splits to go to the rear heater.
With that said, that curved coolant tube on the rear passenger aluminum intake manifold has access to a coolant passage located in the passenger rear cylinder head. It looks to me to feed or recover coolant ? Anyhow, NO ONE makes a direct replacement manifold for the 1998 Expy 5.4.

Through my own investigation, I have found that the 2000 up 5.4 Expy seems to have a Dorman replacement . The main difference is obvious, that there is a coolant tube that extends straight upward on the PASSENGER FRONT of the plastic 2000 up
( aluminum crossover) intake
That straight up coolant tube that extends up from the passenger front intake seems to feed back to the front heater core.
QUESTION: CAN the 2000 up replacement intake
( with the straight up passenger front coolant tube)
Be used to replace the Aluminum rear passenger side coolant “L” type intake on the 1998 Expy 5.4 ?

The 2000 up Replacement plastic intake ( with the pass front straight up coolant tube) WILL physically fit and bolt on the 1998 Expy 5.4, however the coolant flow is changed
as the OEM aluminum intake Pass rear has a coolant passage in the head that opens to the and through the intake to the “ L” shaped coolant tube to feed the front heater core.
The 2000 up 5.4 Expy plastic Intake BLOCKS the coolant passage in the OEM PASS SIDE HEAD.
Apparently the coolant is directed to the front passenger straight up coolant pipe to the heater hoses.

Without getting confused with all my garble.. lol
Simply the 2000 up 5.4 Expy replacement intakes will fit the 1998 5.4 Expy engine but the 2000 up replacement intake completely blocks that coolant passage in the right rear passenger side head.

WILL this 2000 up replacement intake that blocks that coolant passage in the pass rear 1998 5.4 Expy cause any damage by blocking off that passenger rear cylinder head coolant passage ?
Can the 2000 up Replacement work properly ?
The 2000 up 5.4 Expy plastic replacement intake has larger intake passages to the cylinder ports that could pick up some power, but most of all will using the 2000 up intake on the 1998 5.4 Expy aluminum as a replacement ACTUALLY WORK OK ? Blocking off that passenger rear 1998 5.4 Expy aluminum coolant passage from the head.
OR, will the 2000 up 5.4 Expy plastic replacement intake (that has the pass side coolant tube that sticks Straight up, ) blocking the 1998 5.4 Expy cylinder head coolant passage work ok ?
Will blocking the 1998 5.4 Expy cylinder head passage with the 2000 up 5.4 Expy replacement intake cause any overheating issues,
pressure issues ???

This had plagued me for over a year.
I ended up using the OEM stock aluminum intake

with the Felpro intake gasket set ( with the pin guides )

rather than the plastic 2000 up replacement intake with “ built in” thin ring gaskets…

Will the 2000 up 5.4 Expy replacement intake work on the 1998 5.4 aluminum intake motor ?

PLEASE try to weed this out for me, perhaps I can pass on the CORRECT process/ procedure on to other 1998 5.4 Expy Owners that are plagued with this cluster issue !

I will be looking for your experienced and respected response.

Thank you

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