1999 radio head unit stopped working

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Sep 11, 2022
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I have no clue why but the radio just took a big ol dump randomly. I let the truck sit for a few days, start her up and drive and at first I didn’t notice the radio wasn’t working i just thought i had the music turned down but when i went to turn it up there was nothing. No static no noise the display wasn’t on just absolutely dead. I come back to the house, check the fuses and the fuses are perfectly fine and all have power going through as they should, so I take the head unit out because I thought i had another one. Turns out it wasn’t the right one so i plug it back in and the speakers make a quick sound when I plug the first connector in so I plug the rest in then boom it works again. So I just tuck it back into place, turn the truck on and it’s dead again… fuses are still fine so I unplug it again and plug it back in, no sound from the speakers and no display. I unplug it yet again and let it sit for a couple minutes, plug it back in then boom theres the sound again and the radio works. Cycled the key and it still works, so i put it back into place and turn the key and yet again it doesn’t work. Im not sure what is going on, maybe a connector problem or even a head unit problem i have no clue electrical things well aint my thing.