2003 Taurus part out.

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    It's been four years and I have yet to replace the transaxle in my 2003 Spruce Green Clearcoat Metallic SES.

    I don't have current pictures. The vehicle is located at a friend's house. It has been started every couple of weeks to keep the engine up. However, I think that practice has faded.

    The AXOD trans is shot. The fluid pump explode inside. The Vulcan engine is probably still good. It's a 2003 with 135,000 miles.

    I'll be headed over to the car in a few weeks to take some pictures. There was very little body rust when I last saw it. I have service records on request. It has sat outside for over four years.

    Before the trans failed, I had replaced the ball joints, tie rods brakes, front wheel bearings, parking brake cable and tires. The struts/springs were also less then a year old when the trans went out.

    There was a front end accident. The hood, bumper, radiator support, front fenders(24v) badges and one Headlight have been replaced.

    I'm junking it in a week.

    It's an SES, however I added the following.
    • Keypad. From an 04. Intermediate harness made to work for Gen 3. Would work for 96-07
    • Autolamps
    • footwell lights
    • Continental shifter
    • ignition lock shroud deleted
    • updated coolant cap
    • "security" flasher enabled on sunload sensor
    • added extra light fixtures to trunk, and a cut off switch for loading - sale pending.
    • replaced coolant bottle with one from a 2004.
    • replace stabilizer bar bushings. Used clamp from a Gen 3.
    • Pro-fit custom phone/GPS mount for the passenger side of radio .
    • Ford AUX - FRDR model for Taurus
    • Tweeters
    • MACH RCU. With solder reflowed for amp ICs. Donated by Nick
    • Heated Mirrors. Driver side it Silver frost not Spruce Green.

    Extra parts that didn't get to be installed.

    Gen 4.5 tails for amber turn mod + associated wires
    Woodgrain radio trim
    Gen 4 Wagon Liftgate release
    Extra headlamp switches
    My original defrost vent before I added autolamps
    More parts to be added as I find them.

    Threads of my mods.

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