Lift gate issues 2020 king ranch

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Sep 11, 2023
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im new here and trying to get away from dealership run around with out fantastic lift gates ..

2020 king ranch max is what my fiancé has

The lift gate has a B145D-13 code .. lift gate power cinch motor open circuit .. that’s the only code in the vehicle .. now her symptoms were it wouldn’t pull in the lift gate to latch so that code makes sense to me .. it worked properly except for that issue untill last week .. now it won’t open or close in power.. I replaced the latch yesterday code is still active and come right back if try to delete .. manual operation works fine .. looks like trouble shooting has me going rgtm and the latch motor ..

1 has anyone worked this out .. is there a common breaking point in the harness or other high failure item involved

2 where is the rgtm I’m assuming behind the left side cargo trim ?
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