Buying Used - 2015 - 2017 lower miles v 2018-2020 higher miles?

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Feb 3, 2024
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knoxville, TN
So, new to the forum here! Great wealth of knowledge here. Currently have a 2010 F150. Moving into an Expedition EL or Max to have more room on trips. We will be hauling a travel trailer.

I’ve done some research and read quite a few threads on here. It seems the 3rd gen with the eco-boost is a very good option with the 6 speed. 2015 - 2017. I like the 4th gen with updated tech and design as well.

It seems the 10 speed of the 4th gen can be problematic as well as the phasers. But it rides better and has some improvements.

I’d like the 3.73 gears as I’ll have a 5000lbs trailer (loaded) to tow with 5 people and gear in the truck.

It seems the 3.73 is easier to come by on the 3rd gen as all models with 4x4 that are EL have it. The 4th gen models have to have the towing package for 3.73 gears I believe.

So my question. What would you prefer, a lower mileage 2015-2017 EL with 70-100k miles or a 2018-2020 Max with 100-130k? I know how it’s been taken care of matters but which would be more reliable? I plan on keeping the truck 7-8 years. I’ll only put 6-7k per year on it.


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Aug 31, 2017
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In general I prefer lower mileage vehicles over higher mileage ones. The caveat here is going to be payload. Like for like, the 4th gen Expeditions have a bit more payload than the 3rd gens. Since you already have the trailer, you should already have a good idea of tongue weight, weight of passengers, etc. (If you don't go hit the CAT scales and use the 3-pass method). If the math checks out and you can get by with the lower payload, I'd go for the 3rd gen. If not, 4th gen it is. I'd rather have a higher mileage vehicle within spec than an overloaded lower mileage one.