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fix your misfires cheap!

Discussion in 'Engine & Performance' started by ridge, May 3, 2021 at 4:41 PM.

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    i bought a 2003 expedition for a grand after somebody spent 600 bucks replacing coils and plugs etc. after spending all that money he gave up on the truck that would not idle and had misfires on several cylinders. i read this and other info on forums and was hesitant to buy it. i went and checked it out and sure enough codes 302, 307, and p0161. i drove it around a bit and it seemed ok at a higher rpm. i bought the truck took it home and started with the repair. after taking off the coil input and injector plug i noticed they were filthy. i realized the PULSE from the pcm was not able to get through the corrosion and grime that was present. i grabbed my electrical contact cleaner and some pipe cleaners that i cut into 2 inch pieces and went to work. i cleaned up both plugs on 2 and the misfire went away. i then repeated for cyl 7 and wala. i then checked the sensor and found the wire was broken. after cleaning out both plugs on all the cylinders the truck runs like a dream. hope this helps someone. Trev
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