FORScan programming options

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Jul 24, 2023
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Texas, USA
There's a reason Ford sets 80% on all their vehicles. So I have not changed it yet until I research some more.
For me, I do not drive but about 10-20 minutes and maybe 5 miles per day, so it makes good sense. If you drive at night a lot, probably not really needed as turning the headlights on overrides (to an extent) the battery-drain-if-at-or-near-target-state-of-charge behavior. If you drive an hour each way to work and back daily without a lot of ASS events, probably not as needed as it will get closer to the 80% target. On mine, short day trips meant it would frequently drop to <65% if I didn't drive for a few days resulting in some of the load shed kicking in. With it set to 95% target, mine usually sits around 87-92% unless I drive 3+ hours with the headlights on. As you said, do your research. Everyone's use case is different and Ford's settings are designed to hit the middle of the bell curve. The best research I did was getting my OBDLink MX+ set up with a good dashboard with 10-minute graph views of battery voltage and battery current and just watching it to see what it did under various conditions and accessory settings. Also watching charge state, battery days in service, and a few others helps you understand what YOUR battery is doing in YOUR vehicle during YOUR use cases. You cannot IMO reasonably set the target state of charge to something that will cause your vehicle to catch on fire, burn down, fall over, and sink into the swamp. But then, I've never been a blinking-12:00 type either, so there is that.