Timberline vs Z71 Tahoe 6.2

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Jul 29, 2023
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My 2 cents on the Expedition vs Tahoe/Yukon discussion.
Just drove a '23 Yukon Denali rental to Florida and back and missed Desiree ('23 Expy Timberline) the whole way (Didn't want to put the miles on my baby). The Yukon felt a bit narrower so nicer navigating between Jersey Barriers and 18 wheelers. The one thing I liked better and believe they should be on every car was the HUD. The HUD could be configured multiple ways and having the Nav directions from Android Auto visible is amazing. The Timberline in sport mode is an absolute beast off the line. The Denali was adequate but not close and the Denali only has 3 drive modes vs 7? on the Timberline. Seating comfort and legroom is better in the Timberline, especially in the back rows. The Denali did seem to have a bigger cargo area (probably at the expense of some legroom) The GM brands seem to have board stiff seats in the 3rd row and not too much better in the 2nd. The entertainment system on the Yukon had more physical buttons but was more kludgy to navigate between music and android auto and Nav.
and.... most importantly, GM seems to have solved the rear window defroster tab issue by putting a block of plastic over the connection to protect it from accidental bumps. seriously, this is all it took and it took this long?
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Jul 9, 2019
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I keep kicking around looking at a Yukon. I don't need a Denali (for $85K+), but would be ok with a SLT. I can order one for about $75K. Stock units near me just aren't as nice as my going on 6 YO Expy. Sunroof optional, power running boards optional, can't even get a leather wrapped steering wheel until you get to the Denali. Gas mileage (EPA) is less, and with the 6.2L you're supposed to run premium. And do I really want to spend $75-80K for anything? Some days the Big Girl looks better and better. I just need to put tires on it very soon.