Piston Slap and Oil Viscosity Choice

Discussion in 'Transmission & Drive train' started by MobyDick, Oct 27, 2009.

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    Sicne I am outta work I am trying to save a few bucks and recently used conventional 5W-30 vs. synthetic 5W-30 and I noticed the 5.4 Triton piston slap when cold is a bit worse. Anyone have any experience w/ a particular brand and/or viscosity that seems to minimize this?
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    Oct 14, 2009
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    I have a 2002 5.4 with 98K and have never had the slap you are talking about. I have gone back and forth between conventional and synthetic. I have used an engine treatment. Yeah i know some think its snake oil but less heat and 2mpg tell me other wise. As far as brands i tend to use Mobil Clean 5000 and Castrol (5w-30) and change out oil and filter at 5000 miles.
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    Feb 4, 2010
    i noticed the piston slap in my 97 5.4 with 231k on it, rite after we got it i switched to valvoline 5w30 synthetic.. now even sub zero temps the noise is nearly non exsistant... as for the oil additives i dont doubt the mileage increase or the temp drop but the additives in products like slick 50, motorkote, and Z maxx greatly increase bearing wear. if you do an oil sample when these additives are used you will see wear metals way above normal. if you do a lawsuit search for these additive companies you will they loose most of them, i think thats why they are so spendy. in my opinion oil companies spend alot of money in R&D if there was a better additive package they would put it in their oil
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    Oct 26, 2008
    was at the local parts store today and saw some 0 w 30 sythetic oil. just wondering if anyone knows if using a lighter weigh oil would make a difference

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