15-17 Expedition Tow mirrors $200

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    Aug 28, 2018
    I have a set of Trail Ridge tow mirrors that I bought a few months back and installed on my 17 Expy. They work and look perfect. These are basically new. The only reason I'm replacing them is because Trail Ridge came out with the same set, but with the BLIS option.
    If you have any question about fitment or function, feel free to ask. Happy to help.
    The price is $200 plus $20 for shipping. I'm sure shipping is going to be more, but any difference I'll cover. CONUS only. Paypal F&F preferred.
    If you need a warm and fuzzy, feel free to check out my feedback on eBay under "SgtHawkUSMC". 439 positives, never a negative.


    Here they are:

    20190322_131348_resized.jpg tow Mirrors Trail Ridge 1.jpg tow Mirrors Trail Ridge 2.jpg 20190315_123154.jpg 20190316_183304.jpg

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