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    I am posting this for general knowledge since maybe a fix when I had the warning but could not find any information.

    I started to get warnings about advancetrac a few times and once or twice brake service warning a few weeks ago.

    My battery seemed like it was starting to go because when I started vehicle it was really slow to turn over especially when cold. Electrical meter read 12.6+ so I was confused and did not have to to take somewhere to test. I swapped out with one of my f250 diesel batteries and it started normal. Ran out the same day and bought a new batter at sams. BTW motorcraft batteries suck. This is my second one in 5 yrs. First was warranty but this one just passed warranty a few months.

    I now do not get the advancetrac or brake service warnings anymore and it has been a few weeks.
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    I had this happen on a 2013 Explorer not long ago. It turned out that the ABS sensor in one of the rear wheels was shot. It was intermittent at first too, then completely shit the bed!

    Unfortunately, on that particular car, Ford hired trained chimps to design the ABS system and you need to change the whole bearing hub assembly when the (completely exposed to the elements) ABS sensor goes bad, as it's not serviceable. It's utterly ridiculous and a disgusting cash grab design.

    Should it happen again, hook up a code reader with ABS capability and see which wheel fails to transmit when you drive. I'm not too familiar with the Expedition ABS setup (yet), but hopefully the sensor can be serviced without having to swap out the whole hub...

    Edit: Just checked on Rockauto, the ABS sensors appear serviceable and are fairly cheap, built old school style. Gotta love the REAL body-on-frame trucks! :happy107:
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