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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by wjc3usa, Mar 27, 2019.

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    Apr 10, 2011
    In the process of selling my 2011 dark grey metallic EL and the headlights are beyond repair. I am serious when I say this is mostly highway miles. We have been to both oceans and Gulf of Mexico, at least once. And only has 68,000 miles.

    I decided to buy really nice looking Spyder Auto headlights from Carid. Not going to post a link as that website doesn't deserve it but the headlights are easy to find.

    Ordered the pair of headlights and one optional upgrade Lumen G7 LED bulbs. Got the headlights in hand and carefully pulled out the H1 halogen bulb for the high beam reflector. Lowered the brand new LED in and couldn't get the clamp down. I could see the bulb didn't line up properly either. Disappointed, I put my glove back on and dropped the halogen back in.

    Pulled out the projector low beam bulb. This time the H1 dropped in but the clamp is only meant to clear the tiny positive post of the bulb. Not a thick aluminum heat-sink shaft. I was able to use the heatsink to hold the clamp in place but not something I would use in vehicle. The light pattern was bad. While the cut off along the top was perfect, there was no hotspot. It looked blotchy. And yes, I already know LEDs are a bad fit for projectors.

    Emailed carid and Spyder Auto last night to see what I was doing wrong. I copy and pasted my dilemma to both and got radically different replies.

    Spyder Auto replied right away this morning and said they, "do not recommend any LED/HID conversion kits in our housings" and "You would run into performance, output and fitment issues". He went on to say that LED bulbs would require modifications to the housing which would void warranty.

    Carid replied back saying, "The Spyder® - Black LED DRL Bar Projector Headlights uses H1s in the high and low beam position. So if you want for both, you need to order one more kit".

    Naturally, I thanked Spyder Auto for their input. I still plan on keeping their headlight housings. These look amazing.

    Also just replied back to carid to rake them over the coals, kicked them while they are down, CC Spyder Auto, and mentioned I'll post a review here to stay away from their site.

    For anyone that stuck around. I've got a local dealership on the lookout for a white 2019 Expedition MAX Limited 4WD with package 303a. It's just a hair out of my price range right now. I could pay off my house or buy another Ford... :biggrin:
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    Dec 30, 2019
    Thanks for the post. I just installed the same lights on my 2012. They look great and work fine. I'm struggling a bit with adjusting them since they need to be removed each time and so far I haven't hit the mark. Also, they most definitely could benefit from a brighter, whiter light both in the high and low beam. And I'd like a brighter light bar. But, like you, I got them because the old lenses were shot, not for a light upgrade. So very pleased.

    The install was a snap.

    Hopefully one of these days I can enable DRL. The two dealers I've talked to so far looked at me like I'm from another planet when I asked.

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