Best spray on/wipe off wax for a novice?


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Apr 24, 2019
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For the price Lucas SlickMist is hard to beat. Easy spray and wipe off. Meguiars ultimate spray wax is slightly better...wax quality wise imo but also 50%+ more and requires a little more effort to wipe down. I'd put NXT spray somewhere among those. It has the easy off like slick mist though the price of megs ultimate but I've noticed little to no difference, looks or longevity wise.

Pick up a cheap DA, , backing plate and a red or black pad and just go at it with whatever decent cream wax you want. You can apply wax to your truck in probably 7-10min and then just wipe down. If you're going for cheap, quick, and decent looking the meguiars Nxt is about $16 for a bottle and will last several applications and hold up much better than any of the sprays.

The black magic tire gel has been my secret go to for about 12 years. It lasts forever. I've driven from indy to Cleveland oh in rain half the way and still had some shine. As with any g if it's applied to thick or not allow to set somewhat it'll definitely sling