Phone/sync issues

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Dec 28, 2023
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Hey everyone! New to the forum and new to the expedition. Actually I haven’t had a ford since 2008 so it’s been a while. A lot has changed so I have some questions about the sync 3 system. I’ve tried trusty google but to no avail.

So I’ve connected my phone to sync and it recognizes it as the phone (calls) but it doesn’t recognize it as a media player. When I go to the Bluetooth in the system, it has a phone but the music symbol is greyed out. And it won’t let me set it as the media as well. I also can’t set it as a favorite.

And finally the music default to Sirius every time I start the car. Can I have it default to my last used setting which I’d prefer to be Bluetooth? I know this is kinda a known problem but haven’t seen a solution.

Thanks everyone