Transmission grinding noise gone

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Oct 3, 2023
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I thought I'd share my experience on "fixing" or getting rid of the grinding noise and slight vibration on my transmission. The car would produce some grinding noise and a slight vibration when reaching 30/35 mph. As soon as i hear it, I would let go off the pedal and it would run back to normal, without noise or vibration. That's how i used to drive it pass that speed before the "fix".

For anyone experiencing the same issue with grinding or groaning noise when reaching certain speed this could be your fix.

So I changed the ATF fluid and filter and fill it to proper level using correct procedure. I also used a new gasket (even though it says it's a reusable gasket). I also found a plastic straw inside the pan, thinking it was the cause but nonetheless after driving over 300 miles I have not heard or felt the grinding noise anymore. :rockit: