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4th Gen Expy FORScan Modifications

Discussion in 'FORScan' started by rcompart, Dec 30, 2017.

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    Apr 2, 2016
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    There is a 2020 Specific Thread...I suggest you post in that, at least I thought there was. Maybe all the discussion happened in the 2019 thread. Oh Well!

    If you are using the newest Forscan all of the quick easy change stuff for the BCM will take care of most things.

    The IPC is mostly the same, haven't compared it line for line to 2019 code. The BCM is COMPLETELY different. No coding from 18/19 should be used for the BCM. APIM has some small differences, but everything I have tried coding wise has worked. APIM has the easy coding/Drop down change option. I recommend using that.

    All of it is visible to the dealer if they look. The APIM changes can be seen by Ford when Sync checks for updates. No dealer is going to care about the changes as long as you don't blame Ford for something not working when it was clearly you coding something wrong.

    Also if they do module updates because of a bulletin or TSB from Ford, the changes could be wiped.
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